Air-Venture, our exciting new AirX installation, launches in Cardiff

We’ve been working hard with Better Cardiff’s Western Leisure Centre to design and manufacture an incredible wall-to-wall inflatable area: the “biggest and best inflatable area in South Wales” according to Western Leisure’s manager James Oakley. We’ve designed a challenging obstacle course, a six metre high inflatable slide, a jelly mountain for the adventurous to climb, a toddler area, wipeout balls and we’ve installed our popular ‘basher forest’.

Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure, Cllr Peter Bradbury told Wales 247 :

“Getting more young people physically active is one of our key priorities and this new feature at Western Leisure Centre is a great example of how our partnership with GLL is bringing with it the investment in new activities that can help make that happen.

“There can’t be too many kids in Cardiff who don’t like the idea of bouncing around a huge inflatable and that’s what it’s all about – if you make exercise fun then it’s easier to do over and over again. And if you do it when you’re young, the chances are you’ll keep exercising, and keep reaping the benefits long after.”

At over 500 square meters, Air-Venture will make for a fantastic day out for the young and young-at-heart alike. Air-Venture will be open on weekends, from Friday evening until Sunday. Book your session here.
Air-Venture in Cardiff