Our biggest ever AirX inflatable theme park design is arriving soon in Hereford

With over 1100 square metres of inflatables, our out-of-this world AirX inflatable design is about to land in Hereford. FlipOut Pumped Up is being billed as the most advanced inflatable theme park in the UK.

FlipOut Pumped Up space in Hereford as work began

We have our widest variety of activities, including some incredible interactive games, designed in collaboration with Rugged Interactive, including…


Trailblazer is best described as an interactive climbing wall. It’s a high intensity challenge of speed and visual awareness. It’s heaps of fun and it helps develop physicality, hand-eye coordination, reaction time and speed. A fast and high scoring game.

Interactive Bash Attack

Taking our old favourite Bash Attack to a new level, the aim is to find the lights to hit in order to make them change colour. Compete with a friend or compete in teams to get a higher score: really fun and great for fitness and reaction speed.

We’re also going to be installing many of our old favourites with a six pod Wipeout Arena, Shoot Out to test your soccer skills, Bash Attack, a Giant Slide and  our multi-obstacle Inflatable Parkour.