Coming soon… a new AirX inflatable design for FlipOut at Rushden Lakes

FlipOut at Rushden Lakes is billed as the UK’s most advanced inflatable and trampoline park.

Rushden Lakes is a major new shopping and leisure complex in Rushden, Northamptonshire, which first opened in 2017. Work continues with further development into 2019 for retail space and leisure space.

For our part, we’ve designed an inflatable theme park to be installed on the first floor of the newly built shopping centre. Our AirX inflatable installation was designed to fit a space across two rooms and around a fire exit… and it’s going to be fun-packed. The inflatable and trampoline park includes Freefall, Wipeout Balls, an obstacle course, Jelly Mountain, a slide, Basher Forest, and an inflatable maze. We’ve also emblazoned scenes from the FlipOut’s comic universe across our inflatables along with FlipOut’s bold brand colours.

As part of the theme park, we’ve designed a self-contained inflatable toddler area with a crawl-through tunnel, Biff Bash and a slide, all conveniently overlooked by the cafe so Mums and Dads can keep a watchful eye over a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

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