Our New Soft Play Area at Freedog, Bristol

Throughout the year, we’ve been working with Freedog in Bristol to design a fantastic new, multi-layered soft play area to sit alongside Freedog’s Ninja Warrior course and trampoline park.

At three stories high, our soft play has multi-storey slides, tunnels, multiple areas to climb and crawl through as well as our very own Power Tower, all safely self-contained.

Something Freedog were keen to address was the difficulty some parents with older and younger kids might have in the trampoline park, with older kids in the main trampolining area and younger ones in the Toddler Bounce area. For Freedog, it was therefore important to have an area that worked for everyone – small kids, big kids and parents alike. And that’s exactly what we have delivered, working hard to make sure our soft play area will provide great fun and exercise for a wide age group while sitting conveniently next to the cafe for parents to be able keep a watchful eye.

Find out more at Freedog Bristol.