Atlantis – our Aqua Park at the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow

The National Diving and Activity Centre’s Atlantis Aqua Park is breathtaking in terms of size and location. We worked with the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow to create an aqua park that best uses the available space without impacting its other activities. With five floating zones to choose from, each zone having an increasing level of intensity, what better way to spend the day than with friends and family bouncing, hopping, jumping and diving all over the incredible floating Atlantis Aqua Park.

With any open water inflatable, our priority is always safety. Being a diving centre, the park is 85m deep so collaboration was about anchoring to beyond best practice standards with operational health and safety.

At 55m squared this is a big Aqua Park and has a unique combination of all of our Atlantis modules.

Just a reminder you will get wet… very wet.