JU-6037 Corner T

JU-6037 Corner T

Atlantis Aqua Park Modules
Number of Users: 3
Minimum Depth: 1.05m
Dimensions: 3.18m x 3.18m x 0.3m

Hot air welded sealed inflatable platform, for use on water.

To be used as part of a modular Atlantis water park inflatable set up, either in or outdoors.

Connects to 3 other elements of the setup, enabling users to walk or crawl from one section to another, turning the direction of travel through 90 degrees and allowing a 3rd section to be connected at 45 degrees.

Does not allow users to access the platform from the water. Users are not to access the module from in the water.Connects primarily by means of a Velcro connector strip from one section to another.

There is a secondary connection using clip on bungees, connected to D rings on the underside. Only to be used on water as part of the intended Atlantis setup

JU-6042 T Junction
JU-6004 Corner Platform