PIPA Inspection & Testing

A PIPA test is an annual test a bit like an MOT test you put your car through for land based inflatables.

PIPA tests are necessary to ensure the safety of your users when using your inflatable. We have a team of PIPA inspectors who operate nationwide and can also offer advise on the care and maintenance of your inflatable to ensure longer life.


Sometimes inflatables go pop. Of course, in the unlikely event of your new inflatable doing so we will carry out any repairs covered in the manufacturers guarantee. In some cases the inflatable can be repaired on site but if not then the unit may have to come to the factory for a bit of ‘me time’. Units that fall outside the guarantee or are of non airspace manufacture can be assessed by one of our traveling bubble-shooters (see what we did there?) and they can advise you on the best course of action for your beloved bouncy buddy.