ZapSpace – Old theatre given a make-over with state of the art trampoline park

Our latest Trampoline Park installation is unique in more ways than one. Ranging over 3 levels, and using a specially constructed mezzanine, this is the first jump centre we have built in a theatre. This ultra-cool environment offers a great range of activities that offer a variety of challenges. Power Tower and Battle Beam are a test of one’s strength while Dodge Ball and Slam Dunk add a competitive edge. Reactions and agility are put through their paces on the cardio wall and there is a foam pit, a tumble lane and a half pipe for general freestyle mayhem. Toddlers (aka little zappers) have their own space to in the soft play area (conveniently located next to the Cafe).

As they say at Zap Space ‘Jump up. Get down!’

Check out our latest creation in action at