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Our work with Better, for the London Aquatics Centre, was all about creating an inflatable aqua park – including aqua runs and obstacle courses – which could be used by all ages and abilities, creating challenges for everyone. It’s called Aqua Splash and it’s a great day out.

Aqua Splash

The smallest part of the aqua park is an inflatable aqua run and wipe-out course stretching 20 metres down the pool. ‘Aqua Splash’ is set in shallow water, being aimed at families with children over the age of 5: for swimmers who aren’t quite confident or competent enough for the bigger course and deeper waters.

Ultimate Aqua Splash

The largest part of the aqua park is called Ultimate Aqua Splash, and it includes a much longer 40 meter long assault course and it sits in the bigger, deeper Olympic competition pool: a truly impressive location.

Alongside, we also designed and installed two inflatable slides which which sit together around the centre’s 3m and 5m dive platforms. Visitors can jump down them right into the safety of the dive pool, where they can negotiate another aqua run.

Ultimate Aqua Splash is the UK’s largest indoor inflatable aquatic experience and we designed it for families with older children, aimed at competent and confident swimmers in a 3 metre deep pool.