When opening it’s trampoline park in Bristol, Freedog didn’t want just a trampoline park. They wanted to offer total escape, freedom. and a space to leave daily life behind.

The creation of an awesome space would be key to following their core philosophy of allowing people the freedom of expression and to be able to enjoy everything their centre would offer, as well as house their Parkour Academy and Skills Area.
Attracting and retaining users through an inspiring jump and urban activities centre with a clear corporate identity was another key objective in the project brief.

Airspace Solutions.com implemented the 14,500 sq ft fit-out scheme over a 21 day build programme, which included the construction of the 52 trampoline super structure including 13 angled trampolines and 4 double beds. The site also includes a dodge ball court, 2 Foam block pits with water fall jump beds and power tower to name but a few.